No one can beat Cordina tonight - Cordina vs Rakhimov

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Joe Cordina scored a decision win over Shavkatjan Rakhimov at the IBF International Arena last Saturday and came back with a tough fight in front of his home crowd in the Welsh capital

After winning the fight in front of the supporters, determined that the wrong punches that had won him the fight last year, this time Cordina used his improved skills to hit fast hands but the score of the game was not far off with the scores being very close for both sides.

Cordina said: No one can beat him tonight so victory is definitely coming his way. The 28 year old Rakhimov of Tajikistan was floored in the second round with a swollen left eye but he had to play fighting with that eye injury

Cordia also said that anyone who has 1 belt is more than happy to share a ring with him.In punch statistics between Rakhimov and Cordina, the total number of landings was 249 for Rakhimov and 228 for Cordina and the total throws were 716 for Rakhimov and 621 for Cordina. however, Joe Cordina regained the IBF world title last year after withdrawing from the fight

Cordina vs Rakhimov

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