Here's What Canelo Alvarez Told The Media Workout On Wednesday

Jermell is excited for the fight against Saul Canelo Alvarez and he told the media workout that I am the best for the fight and not afraid but very excited for this great fight moment.

Santos Saul Canelo Alvarez is a professional boxer who has won 4 world championships from light middleweight to light heavyweight division and plans to win more in the future Saul Canelo showed off his technique, excitement and fight options during a media workout at his training camp in the mountains of California on Wednesday

Because undisputed junior middleweight world champion Jermell will fight Charlo on the Showtime PPV on Saturday, Sep 30.

Canelo Alvarez believes that

If you want to win something big, you must take risks. But even though I'm ready to fight, I'm still preparing myself to fight harder

Canelo Alvarez was asked a question during a media workout as to why he was preparing for a fight at a mountain height and you decided to change your training camp location

Canelo Alvarez answers:

Because the last fight I trained in Guadalajara and my body and I feel good at altitude so it's my choice.

"I don't know why Jermell Charlo wants to fight me but I think he's perfect right now," he added

That Canelo is going down is because he couldn't do anything like that

"Then I felt that he never believed in my ability so I think he will find something very soon and I am very excited for this fight. Jermell Charlo is a professional boxer but I am scared

“So one reason to motivate me in this fight is to know that I never forget anything and I also know that he and his brother talk about me.

"Yes I haven't forgotten that dialogue 9 years ago in 14 which maybe they say but I think it over and over again 

he doesn't believe in my skills but he doesn't know what I can do in the ring

“But I love these criticisms because these motivations become the basis for fights, so I'm very, very excited for this fight. And after such words he was asked

Media: Are you really happy and excited to be back for this fight on the Showtime premiere?

You may know that Champions on Premier is one of the best boxing platforms on Showtime these days

“I'm delighted to be back at the BBC and working with everyone involved with Hyman because you know the best to be with and so the best for me and I still believe that - we are the best.

Media: We know you are very excited to be back with PVC and feel motivated to fight the guys you are going to fight but why?

“Yes because you know I always fight the best not only this time I always try to fight the best and as I said earlier I am motivated to come back to PVC because the opposition party has been talking for a long time

So I am very excited to show my abilities. I want to show my fighting excitement and skill

Media: Uh people are saying different things about you also Canelo Alvarez you know Terence Crawford is number one in boxing so how much do you want to go out and put on a certain performance

“So listen: I'm still 1 pound in the number of bob fighters

I've always believed that throughout my career I've not always been number 1 but I think you've always got to keep yourself within yourself so you don't break down so I believe I'm number 1 myself.

But as I said before, they find it insulting that all of their fighters are ranked number one because there are a few guys who just think they deserve to be at the top

Media: Listen Saul Canelo, as we see now you are 33 years old and you have been fighting since you were 16

Have you ever wondered how much time you have left in a 17 year old sport or are you taking it on a 5 by 5 basis?

And we also know that the 3-fight deal with Premier Boxing Champions is part of the #1 fight that's entered your mind.

Canelo: I still think a lot of people are fresh and I don't think about the end of my career I just train and fight 

I can see the future but I'm not jumping right now I just think I'm great and strong

Saul Canelo vs Jermell Charlo

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