Luis Alberto Lopez Retained The Title In A Great Fight

El Venado

Joet Gonzalez was a two-time world title challenger in the American bank but Luis Alberto Lopez faced a great fight to retain the IBF boxing title. El Venado used a special technique when fighting Joette Gonzalez and Lopez landed several punches in the last round of 12 rounds You may not know that the judges were in a frenzy from the first round of the game until the 8th round just wondering who would score higher tonight and even though the two fighters were evenly matched

But when Joette Gonzalez suddenly started to get excited, Luis Alberto Lopez took the opportunity to punch her in the face with several punches that left Gonzalez red-faced And when Alberto Lopez landed a 4-5 punch on Gonzalez in the closing seconds of the 12th round, Jowett preyed on his weakness and the IBF boxing title went to El Venado

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