USA Women Clinched Spot In World Cup Global Qualifiers 2024

this time, the usa snatched the 2024 spot in the women's world cup global qualifier for the icc t20 world cup

This year the usa women went further in the icc t20 world cup global qualifiers than before and three us players scored 4 half centuries which is a lot of pride for the country in the women's world cup global qualifiers also produced a strong net run rate in the last day's cricket, although Canada's chances of going ahead against the USA were slim, and in a fitting match Disha Dhingra, a 19 T20 World Cup player

and Anika Kolan, scored more than half-centuries in her first cricket career Also you will be surprised to know about the destruction of wickets Isani Vaghela got the bowler award with 15 wickets and all the other players in the game performed very well making it easier for the team to move forward because every player

their run-rate, strike-rate were kept in check, however, it was the most brilliant and devastating cricket innings in the history of the usa women's world cup

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