Shakur Stevenson Is The Current Boogie Man Fighter Of Boxing

shakur stevenson

Akin Reyes & Barak Bess discuss whether Shakur Stevenson is one of the best boxers of all time who is often overlooked but is safe to call Shakur Stevenson the boogey man of boxing. Akin Reyes also says that according to rumors and some reports Al Haymon and PVC have signed a fight against Frank Martin

Which means they gave him their blessing and also said frank ok the number is correct but there are rumors that : it was for a million dollar salary. 4 or 5 points more than he has ever produced and set him and his team back fighting in the last minute

So are we looking at a big opportunity now or is this one guy avoiding his most?

Barak Bess then said

Look, we don't know if this is a problem because we don't have any evidence, but Frank Martin said something on Twitter: You know he's not laughing 

He is not given for some reason it could be his team or it could be him who only knows he feels he is laughing

I still don't know anything until I hear it but when I was a kid the boogeyman was under the bed but now it's in the boxing world. Although we've seen Isaac Cruz in no way

So really want to fight Shakur Stevenson but we noticed all the other fighters don't want to fight Shakur Stevenson so come on like Kemposis. You may not know I thought it would be a good fight but that didn't happen

I guess and want to know with Frank Martin but now I think it was just premature because Frank Martin was hanging around with Keyson Davis even though Frank Martin came into the game the same year Shakur did.

Akin Reyes

You know why he already won the title because of his stardom success

I understand that you and Frisco go here but when you talk about experience, that he is not experienced for big fights but sometimes like your shot. A warrior like Frank Martin needs a shirt to prove to the world that:

He's involved with those elite fighters and agreed to the fight and people, I mean, there was a date set for it and that means it's signed on a dotted line and it has to be some kind of deal and was able to pull off this fight

So at one point Frank Martin agreed to fight Shakur Stevenson for a certain amount of money and someone changed their mind and it wasn't Shakur Stevenson.


We know that Devin Haney has fought at 140 in the 135 division and has a lot of world titles on the line so I think maybe he and his team think we can capture one of those titles in a fight against your original Stevenson

So we may not go out for it

Barak Bess: Actually, I mean it's a fantasy out there and some people have said Frank Martin might be on the undercard for a rematch between Crawford and Spain

I also saw online that Devin Haney offered him a much lower percentage than Shakur Stevenson

Also Shakur was the 130lb 2nd division champion so I think Martin didn't win the silver medal so his excitement in the games from 2017 was a little slow

Shakur came along at the same time though and now he's exactly what I thought he would be with a great coach and I was surprised

I was also really happy with the way he dismantled Michelle Rivera and she's way ahead of everyone else in the fight so maybe it'll be a great fight for me

Akin Reyes: But look he's clearly on their team as to why they changed their mind about the fight but on the flip side we got a guy who wanted to get in the ring

And the top local guys called, including Davis, Devin Haney and Brian Garcia each with 135

Barak Bess: Okay, let me tell you a little bit. The guy goes to Frank Martin but he doesn't have the accolades that Shakur Stevenson does but he doesn't have the pride

You may know some fighters who have reached that final stage

You know you're the top in any division and have already won 2 divisions. Can there be anyone else who says they don't want to fight this guy the way they treated Ennis at 147?

Anyway we found out Terence Crawford is going to re-fish in Spain

but I don't think Terence Garfield wants to fight someone that's been around for 140 years because he's 36 years old.

Akin Reyes : This is the end of his legacy so there's no fighting and it won't mean anything to him I can't understand Barack not wanting to see Tia Fimo at 147 I agree with you there

I know there are a lot of big fights at 140 so let's hope we get a fight announced soon

Barak Bess: 147 if he moves, I'd rather have him stay 140

And that's how Akin Reyes and Barak Bess wrap up their show time by presenting the fights of boxers past and present

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