Commanders Debate NFL Team's Old Name । Breaking News

21 July 2023 Washington Commanders owners Josh Harris and Magic Johnson mentioned the Redskins name at an NFL Football Opening Conference

The confusion began when Washington took command of the commanders just 1 day after him. Josh Harris and Mitch Rayles were surprised by the NFL team's commitment

Josh Harris also said: He grew up with legends like Joe Gibbs, Billy Kilmer, Doug Williams, Darrell Green, Joe Theismann, John Riggins, The Hogs, Mark Rypiens and more than 2 Super Bowl championships.

But the Redskins at the time were a great NFL team that everyone wanted to be a part of

The then-Redskins were unfortunate enough to go to the Rays after the death of George Floyd, which the team has never called again since 2020, and Dan Snyder was under a lot of pressure during the national countdown, but he still didn't want to give up.

And so the debate once again rages on as to what the franchise will be called today under the leadership of the group Magic Johnson now refers to by the former name of Harris, although we don't know what the outcome of this debate is going to reveal.


  1. Magic Johnson really loves the team and is still debating the name

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