Frankie Dettori To Retire Next Season 2023 - Horse Racing

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Frankie Dettori plans to retire from horse racing next season in 2023 Italian jockey Frankie Dettori says he may retire from the 2023 Breeders' Cup At the age of 52, Frankie Dettori has nearly 21 classic victories, racing British winners of over 3,300 races and 35 seasons associated with Horse Racing competitors

Frankie Dettori's retirement from the sport came to the final conclusion after speaking with his family and friends that Frankie said 2023 would be his final professional racing year

Frankie Dettori has competed in many racing events until the age of 52 but his popular fans are a little upset after hearing that champion Dettori is retiring.When Frankie Dettori won 7 races in a row at Ascot in 1996, the winning days behind him seem to have inspired him for 52 years.

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