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Usyk Defeated Anthony

When the judges went to the score board after 12 rounds of fighting, all three scores went in favor of the victorious Usyk, 117 to 112 and Steve Weisfeld's 116 to 112 and Hardware Foster's 115 to 113, and Anthony Joshua lost against Oleksandr

At the beginning of the fight, Joshua used his lead left hand first to get off and Usyk heavyweight seemed to be too small for Anthony and a 220 pound man looked like 240, but the audience

and judges could not understand that the end of the fight would be so terrible

In the third round usyk scored 2 big short straight southpaws with his bang hand well below the middle of the guard off aj

There was great footwork though. During a fight every fighter wants to throw a punch at the opposing fighter when they get the chance.At that point it looked like the two fighters were starting to heat up

although Usyk could make smart use of the level of body work by boxing

So the judges felt that if he can maintain his pace for 12 rounds then the fight will be really great and interesting because the fight was so weird.But he quickly got tired and had to skip many big shorts in between

It was predicted then that the game was going to be so intense from the first round to the last that no one wanted to figure out the puzzle of the final policy

In the 5th round, Usyk was trying to stay away from Anthony Joshua as Joshua's hands were a little bigger than his, and Joshua was trying to control his game as the harassing and short jabs started.

Explosive Action In 10 Rounds

When Joshua punches with his hand, Usyk returns the punch with his right hand, and the audience claps loudly when he sees it, and at 2 minutes and 15 seconds in the tenth round, the hot short starts

Then the recide seats started to sell for more and about £10,000 yes indeed you can feel Joshua's nose bleeding

And at the end of the round the two punched each other and made them swell up under their eyes.In the 11th round, the entire boxing gallery began to shake with the screams and applause of the audience and confusion 

began as to who would be the champion, aj or usyk And scoring the jab for usyk won this final round according to Anthony

Darren: What the hell are you doing?

Don't speed up now. Jump behind the clumsy, quickly move your foot to the outside of the right foot

And try to land the right hand and Usyk was told to use more left hand and aj to attack the right hand by the end of the 11th round

Great Champion Round 12

First Joshua tried to punch usyk in the face but couldn't. Usyk deftly pulls his face back and tries to attack Joshua with his left hand but unfortunately his hand doesn't reach Joshua's face

12 rounds of great boxing bocek movement - aj comes forward again with his left hand to stop but he doesn't have time to hit but he tries to find a trick

Joshua is now just trying to hit and usyk is looking for an option

A sudden knockout attempt they only get caught and Oleksandr uses big short oh he punches Anthony Joshua together.

And Joshua clings to the boxing ring trying to protect himself from the attack and at that moment time runs out and Oleksandr sits on the boxing carpet and the judges make their decision.

Scores of 117 to 112, Steve Weisfeld's 116 to 112 and Hardware Foster's 115 to 113 were all in Oleksandr's favor and declared him the winner and Anthony Joshua came back

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